<br>13,000 solar panels installed
13,000 solar panels installed <br>13,000 solar panels installed

All buildings in the Netherlands and Belgium now run entirely on green energy. A final part of this transition is the installation of over 13,000 solar panels by Eneco on the roof of the new fulfilment centre in Waalwijk. is the largest online retail platform in the Benelux. With more than 30 million products, offers the widest choice in terms of product and delivery options in the Benelux and serves a rapidly growing network of approximately 12 million customers. Over 2,300 Dutch and Belgian employees ensure optimal (logistics) services, and some 40,000 local entrepreneurs sell their partly local products via the platform.

Climate-neutral online shopping by 2025

It is the ambition of to improve every day: from packing and delivering parcels as efficiently as possible to using fully sustainable and local wind and solar energy in all buildings. is aiming for climate-neutral shopping by 2025, which means the company wants to reduce its direct footprint to zero grams of CO2 emissions per parcel. With a product range of over 14,000 sustainable items, customers can already make a conscious choice, and a more sustainable alternative will be available for every item in the range in 2022. Together with its network of suppliers, sales partners, colleagues and millions of customers, is making it a little easier for consumers to lead sustainable lives.’s target

for 2025:

direct carbon footprint of

zero grams

of CO2 emissions per parcel


Closed sustainable energy circle

The current fulfilment centre in Waalwijk was already fully powered by local green energy from Eneco’s wind turbines, which are located right next to the warehouses in Waalwijk. The last sites have made the switch now as well, so all of the company’s offices, data centres and warehouses use 100% renewable energy. As the final step in this transition, 13,000 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the new fulfilment centre.’s sustainable energy circle has therefore been closed, which is a crucial step towards achieving zero grams of CO2 emissions per parcel by 2025.

Partnership with Eneco

To make its energy supply more sustainable, established a partnership with Eneco. The partnership began in January 2017 with the use of wind energy from Eneco’s wind farm in Waalwijk and has been extended in recent months with solar energy on the roof of the new fulfilment centre. Each year, this solar cell roof generates approximately 4 GWh of energy, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of around 1,200 households. will use this green energy for lifts, lighting, automatic doors and the order picking machines, conveyor belts, packing machines and sorting systems, which will ensure that as many as half a million packages per day can pass through the enormous automated fulfilment centre.

Solar panels


solar panels


Continuously improving sustainability

Vincent Weijers, Director of Logistics & Operations at ‘This is an important milestone for our sustainability efforts, as the energy consumption in our buildings accounts for a substantial part of our total CO2 emissions. By switching entirely to solar and wind energy, we are one step closer to achieving our 2025 target. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are continuously working towards making our operations more sustainable.’


renewable energy

in’s buildings


Helping companies with the energy transition

Frank van Rees, Director B2B at Eneco: ‘Making the supply of energy at companies more sustainable is an important step towards achieving the energy transition. We help companies to meet their sustainability targets deciding with them which energy solutions are best suited to their business processes, as was the case with We started with local wind energy for the distribution centre and have now supplemented that with a large solar roof on the new building. A close partnership with an excellent outcome: all of’s building now run on renewable energy.’