All of the Netherlands is making the switch!

All of the Netherlands is making the switch!

All of the Netherlands is making the switch!

Consumers are never on their own with Eneco. Eneco works with customers to come up with energy solutions that best suit their home environment. Regardless of where or how they live or what their family situation is. Whether consumers rent or own their homes, they can always count on Eneco for help.

Solar panels, StukjeZon and ZonneHub™

Solar panels are a considerable investment. That is why Eneco has teamed up with Suniverse to establish Eneco Sustainable Living. As a result, customers can benefit from Suniverse’s extensive experience in installing solar panels. But Suniverse can advise them on other kinds of sustainable investments as well. Eneco consumers can also benefit from solar energy without owning solar panels by purchasing solar energy through Eneco StukjeZon®. This package provides consumers with 100% green electricity sourced from a Dutch solar park. Each StukjeZon yields 250 kWh. And that saves customers money on their annual energy bill. Eneco’s ZonneHubTM enables consumers to generate their own green power without having to purchase solar panels. This is useful for people who do not have the option of installing solar panels on their roof but still want to benefit from the advantages of solar power. Eneco will find a suitable roof in the neighbourhood and install the solar panels there.

Solar boilers and hybrid heat pumps

Eneco offers numerous tips and options for modernising or switching to another type of energy. Consumers can buy a solar boiler, for instance, which consists of solar collectors on the roof and a boiler tank. The collectors absorb heat and transfer it to the tap water in the boiler tank. As a result, the boilers do not have to work as hard yet still ensure that consumers are never caught standing under a cold shower. This means an average saving of 440 m3 a year for a family of four to five people. Saving on gas or even switching to another energy source altogether is another option. Hybrid heat pumps are a good solution. With a hybrid heat pump, homes are heated as much as possible without gas. This is more sustainable and cost-effective. In the future, gas will become a lot more expensive due to higher taxes. Eneco offers numerous solutions, such as the Eneco WarmteWinner®. This is a compact and silent hybrid heat pump that immediately replaces mechanical ventilation in homes. Consumers can save more than 50% on gas. There are also hybrid heat pumps that draw energy from the outside air. These are more expensive, but consumers can save as much as 70% or 90% on gas. Boilers are still being replaced. Consumers can buy or rent them. A new boiler saves up to 10% on consumers’ energy bills. Boilers are installed by certified technicians.

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Proactive thinking and monitoring

Eneco also provides consumers with a wide range of energy-saving tips, such as floor, roof and window insulation. Or smart options for refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers. Eneco even draws attention to the need to do small dishes by hand more often, but also provides energy-saving tips for lighting, heating, hot water, washing and drying. Monitoring energy use in the home is perhaps the most important piece of advice. It allows consumers to see how they can make targeted savings. There is no escaping daily monitoring and adjusting anymore with the smart thermostat Toon®. The Eneco Omschakelaar® encourages consumers to take pragmatic steps to enhance sustainability. ‘My Eneco’ provides consumers with a single platform to manage all their energy needs. And the same platform is accessible on mobile phones on the Eneco App. Smart meters send automatic meter readings to customers. There are also numerous solutions for charging electric or hybrid cars in front of consumers’ homes, at charging stations or on the road with the Eneco charging card!

Maintenance and awareness

Maintaining central heating boilers is obviously important as well. Maintaining these boilers not only avoids the inconvenience of a cold shower, but it also ensures that consumers do not suffer health problems. That is why Eneco provides consumers with information to raise their awareness, for instance about preventing the growth of Legionella in pipes and placing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in every room. Eneco’s technicians can also pay your home a visit to provide advice. Various maintenance services are also offered, such as a periodic boiler check.

Door to door with rapper Willie Wartaal and our technicians

Eneco’s technicians drive from door to door to help consumers make the switch to more sustainable sources of energy in their homes. Their knowledge, experience and solutions make it easy for every consumer to switch. Rapper Willie Wartaal is curious. How do they do that? High time to take a ride with Willy to get to know our technicians better.

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