Dronten town hall introduces ‘Power Parking’

Dronten town hall introduces ‘Power Parking’

Dronten town hall introduces ‘Power Parking’

In the winter of 2020-2021, 120 parking spaces at Dronten’s town hall will be covered by almost 1,100 solar panels. The initiative is backed by the EU, and Eneco is one of the partners in the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) ‘Power Parking’ pilot project. This project aims to integrate renewable energy generation, electric charging and energy storage in a smart way.

120 parking places with

1,100 solar panels

The municipality of Dronten’s Power Parking project is killing several birds with one stone: the car park, which is covered with solar panels, will also feature a charging infrastructure and a battery for temporary energy storage. In addition to the car park, part of the footpath and cycle path near the town hall will also be covered. Energy generation, energy storage and the possibility of charging electric vehicles are therefore smartly integrated in a single location.


Dronten’s Power Parking project is encouraging and facilitating the use of electric mobility by both citizens and the municipality with its public charging facility for electric vehicles. In addition, Power Parking makes efficient use of the space in the car park and makes motorists feel welcome by providing covered parking and an easy charging outlet.


electric mobility


Rollout to other car parks

Eneco has been working hard with other partners to make the car park system with solar energy more affordable and to integrate charging facilities and energy storage. As part of the system, electronics manufacturer Alfen is developing a charging station with four outputs, which will be installed in Dronten as a first. TU Delft will monitor the results of the pilot project at Dronten’s town hall. Based partly on the knowledge and experience gained in Dronten, the aim is to subsequently roll out the Power Parking concept to other car parks.

Options for generating, storing and charging energy.

Lelystad Airport

Indeed, one of the project partners, Lelystad Airport, is keen to use the findings of the pilot project in Dronten in the implementation of a sustainable energy system in its car parks. This will enable them to accelerate the sustainable use of their parking areas with other partners as soon as the definitive opening date of the airport is announced.

Partnership for the energy transition
The partners in the ERDF Power Parking project are the province of Flevoland, the municipality of Dronten, TU Delft, Eneco, Lelystad Airport, Lelystad Airport Businesspark, Alfen and Pontis Engineering. They agree that this smart and flexible energy system is an innovative contribution to the energy transition.