260,000 new electric heating customers in Germany

260,000 new electric heating customers in Germany

260,000 new electric heating customers in Germany

LichtBlick, a 100% German subsidiary of Eneco, has been experiencing a formidable growth spurt in the early 2020s by taking over utility company E.ON’s (e-)heat customers. This transaction was required by the European Commission on grounds of competition law as a result of E.ON’s takeover of Innogy. LichtBlick now has about 260,000 new e-heat customers in its portfolio, with a total of 355,000 supply contracts.

These contracts mainly concern consumers who heat their homes with heat pumps or night storage heaters. ‘The smooth transfer of these contracts was crucial for us, which proved to be in good hands with LichtBlick and Eneco,’ says E.ON Managing Director Ulrich Fischer.


900.000 customer contracts

on 100% green energy


Exclusively green energy
‘The acquisition of E.ON’s customers is a milestone for our company and dovetails perfectly with our growth strategy. We look forward to welcoming these new customers to LichtBlick. Like all other LichtBlick customers, they will be supplied with exclusively green energy. This will enable us to accelerate the energy transition,’ emphasises Constantin Eis, Commercial Director at LichtBlick.

LichtBlick was founded in 1998 to supply customers with exclusively green energy. In 2018, the German company, which has approximately 460 employees, was acquired by Eneco. LichtBlick now supplies green energy through almost 900,000 customer contracts.